Conditioners VS Masques

Wednesday, 20 July 2016  |  Admin




People often don't fully understand the difference between a condition and a masque.

Both conditioners and masques are hair care treatments

A hair conditioner is normally used to add moisture back into the hair and make it look smooth and shiny. However a hair mask penetrates the hair deeper and can target numerous types of hair problems like discolored hair, oily scalp and dandruff, etc.

A condition is not always left on and is used most times people wash their hair, where as a masque is left on for 5 minutes or more depending on what the mask is for and not used as frequently in comparison. Most people using a masque will on average use it once a week or once a fortnight depending on how much the hair needs.

A masque will penetrate the cuticle and help the repair from within. However, a conditioner will only lie on top of the cuticle and give the appearance of smooth and silky hair. People often believe that leaving a conditioner on over night will help the hair... this is incorrect. A conditioner will only penetrate up to four layers of cuticle. If you needed an over night repair and rescue treatment our Caviar Anti Aging Overnight Rescue is a perfect one for sleeping in.




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