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Regincos e-cork Black Bristle 65mm Brush
Regincos e-cork Black Bristle 80mm Brush
Regincos e-cork Black Bristle 55mm Brush
Regincos e-cork Black Bristle 40mm Brush
Regincos Ceramic 33mm Brush
Regincos Ceramic 43mm Brush
Regincos Ceramic 53mm Brush
Regincos e-Cork 55mm Synthetic Fiber
Regincos Paddle Brush
Regincos Half Round 55mm Brush
Regincos Ceramic 65mm Brush
Regincos e-Cork 45mm Synthetic Fiber
Regincos Oval Brush
Regincos e-Cork 40mm Synthetic Fiber
Regincos Half Round 40mm Brush
Regincos e-Cork 65mm Synthetic Fiber

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A Look Back at Regincos Brushes

Although an innovative and modern brand, Regincos brushes was founded over 60 years ago. The family-run business is known for its fresh approach to professional hair brushes and its continuing evolution to keep up with the latest trends.

Highly recommended by celebrity stylists and manufactured for reputable brands worldwide, Regincos brushes are an accomplished product that anyone can use to create salon-worthy looks. With decades of experience in hair products and as one of the leading professional hair brush brands, Regincos deliver an exclusive line of hairdressing brushes, ideal for all hair types. From the Ceramin Regincos brushes to the paddle brush, we are proud to offer the complete collection of high-quality professional hair brushes at Merritts for Hair.

What Makes Regincos Brushes Different to Other Professional Hair Brushes?

Unlike many other professional hair brush brands that use automated processes to mass-produce their products, Regincos brushes are handmade to ensure each product is of the highest quality. Handcrafting each brush minimises the risk of errors in production and allows Regincos to use more premium quality materials. Overall, the process of making Regincos brushes creates a more personable product, knowing that extra care went into the making of each product.

An Eco-Friendly and Natural Approach to Professional Hair Brushes

Regincos brushes cut out the use of many raw plastic materials, which can be detrimental to the environment when used in excess. One material used in the manufacturing of Regincos brushes is cork, an entirely natural, reusable and recyclable raw material.

By using solely natural materials, Regincos promotes a natural way of hairstyling. They use boar bristles to form the bristles of a Regincos brush, promoting minimal hair damage due to the soft nature of the brush. Boar bristles also distribute natural oils across the scalp, leaving hair feeling soft and silky.

In keeping with the natural mindset, Regincos also promote natural hairdressing, which is a no chemical and no heat method of styling. With this approach, hair remains in peak condition and looks healthier than ever.

Professional Hair Brushes by Regincos

At Merritts for Hair, we are proud stockists of Regincos brushes, offering a wide selection of hairdressing brushes available to purchase online. Contact us today or browse our site to view our extensive range of products or more information on the Regincos brush collection or any of our other exclusive hair care brands.

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