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American Crew d:fi range of hair products from Merritts for Hair

At the time when fashion is embracing the broadest influence, getting the right hair products can be a very difficult task. This is where d:fi hair products can help you. The name d:fi was born out of the word "modify", and it was formed with the concept of creating a simple line of products that allowed them to broadcast their range of creative application.

D:fi hair products help in achieving any style you want for your hair and it's a great way to take your hair to new heights. Your hair, says so much about you, your personality and your sense of fashion. Unlike clothes, with hair, you can achieve as many styles and possible including a trendy one. Here are some of the d:fi products you can experiment with to get the desired styles you've always wanted:

D:fi mousse

Mousse can practically create any desired hairstyle and look. When used on wet hair, it adds a sleek shine to your hair and when used on dry hair, it helps mold, shape and holds your hair in place. Mousse also provides volume for men with fine or thinner hair and makes it look natural. It gives its best experience when used on a daily basis to easily manipulate and create a natural hairstyle.

D:fi gel

D:fi gel is the most efficient hair product available for holding your hair in place all day long. They are normally water based and are good for you if you want a wet sleek look. They are usually firm, light or strong holds. You can use a lighter gel for fine hair, if you have thick hair, get the stronger gel to have a stronger hold on your hair.

D:fi wax

Wax is great for controlling short haircuts and lending shine. They are more aggressive and not preferable for thin or fine hair. They work great for those with thick hair and should be applied to a completely dry hair.

D:fi styling creams

D:fi styling creams are great for controlling flyaway hair and they are a lot lighter. They give you complete control over your hair at the same time making you look fashionable. If you have curly hair d:fi cream is a great option.

For hair that won't let you down. American Crew d:fi range of hair products will make sure your hair stays where you want it for as long as you can party!

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