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B.R.U.S.H. 30mm
B.R.U.S.H. 40mm
Babyliss Pro Ionic Airstyler 50mm
Babyliss Pro Ionic Airstyler 34mm
Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Brush

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Professional Hot Brushes

A hot brush is much more than your average hairbrush. These incredible tools combine the best features of a hairbrush with the technology of your favourite heated styling tools to create an innovative hairstyling product that many of us can’t live without! They allow you to create professional-looking hairstyles in the comfort of your own home, and what’s more? Their ingenious hybrid technology reduces styling time so that you can spend more time in bed and less time perfecting your do in the morning.


How Do I Use a Professional Hot Brush?

Using a professional hot air brush is simple, and we promise you that once you start using one, you will never look back. So let’s take a look, step-by-step, at how to utilise your hot brush.

  • Step 1 – Wash your hair as usual and leave it to air dry until it is around 80% dry. Damp hair is optimal.
  • Step 2 – Use a professional heat protection spray. Although a salon edition hot air brush may come with heat protectant functions, it’s always best to give your hair an extra layer to prevent damage.
  • Step 3 – Work in sections. This helps you avoid going over the same area more than once.
  • Step 4 – Slowly brush your hair into your desired style using the hot brush.
  • Step 5 – Lock in your look with hair finishing products and admire your beautiful new style!


Salon Edition Hot Air Brushes at Merritts for Hair

We’re lucky enough to stock some of the best hot brushes available on the market from some of the biggest names in the industry. If you’re looking for a place to get your hands on this incredible hair styling technology, look no further. For example, the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Brush is ideal for anyone as it is available in three sizes, from 13mm for shorter hair to 18mm for those with longer hair. Additionally, the Babyliss Pro Ionic Airstyler 34mm and 50mm is a more technologically advanced option for those serious about hairstyling.

We are also pleased to stock a range of professional hot brushes from B.R.U.S.H. Their hot round brush range took the hairstyling community by storm when they arrived on the scene, and having tried them ourselves, we sure understand why. This styling brush is a great choice for your first hot brush with its range of innovative functions, including anti-static ion technology. However, please note that the B.R.U.S.H 30mm and 40mm are not blow-drying brushes and should be used on dry hair.

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