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KeraStraight Ultimate Oil
£32.00   £27.95
Kerastraight Moisture Enhance Conditioner
£15.95  -  £27.95
Kerastraight Moisture Enhance Shampoo
£15.95  -  £27.95
Kerastraight Moisture Mask
£21.95  -  £95.00
Kerastraight Protein Mask
£21.95  -  £95.00
KeraStraight Texture Creme
£26.00   £20.95
KeraStraight Rescue Creme
£25.00   £20.95
KeraStraight Root Boost Gel
Kerastraight Volume Enhance Conditioner
£15.95  -  £27.95
Kerastraight Volume Enhance Shampoo
£15.95  -  £27.95
Kerastraight Easy Comb
KeraStraight Heat Protect Spray
£23.00   £19.95
KeraStraight Moisture Mist
£26.00   £20.95
Kerastraight Ultimate Oil Gift Set

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KeraStraight hair products, loved by clients & hairdressers.

KeraStraight's range of moisture and volume enhancement hair products are loved by our clients and hairdressers. KeraStraight have researched and developed products that are easy to use and really bring out that wow factor in your hair. KeraStraight hair products achieve the most luxurious hair experience for both salon stylists and clients. As you can tell, we're a huge fan of this brand here at Merritts for Hair and highly recommend it.

KeraStraight have now two ranges of shampoo and conditioner - Moisture Enhance, which repairs and hydrates dry, coarse hair and Volume Enhance, for those with finer hair, which need a little more volume and fullness. KeraStraight Enhance shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products have been designed for the aftercare of your KeraStraight keratin smoothing treatment and help to keep your hair smoother for longer. Available in both 250ml and 500ml sizes, KeraStraight treatment banishes dry and frizzy hair by repairing and smoothing the hair, resulting in hair that is soft, straightened, and easy to maintain at home. KeraStraight shampoo and conditioner can be bought from our online store.

What makes KeraStraight the #1 choice over other hair product brands?

But what makes KeraStraight the number one choice over other hair products? The brand has been endorsed by the world's leading hairdressers who evaluate shampoo and conditioner, before and after hair treatment, and their ability to achieve the ultimate results. KeraStraight is also certified and completely safe for the user and consumer. The brand's mission is to help clients manage and achieve stunning results with their hair. As mentioned, the KeraStraight shampoo is moisture enhanced treating your hair to a sumptuous experience that combats dryness, coarse and damaged hair by hydrating and moisturising the hair.

KeraStraight products, blended from natural ingredients.

Every product is blended from natural ingredients. As a collective the hair products work in perfect harmony with each other, from the enhance shampoo delivering deep moisturising to KeraStraight treatment that has been developed to enhance your hair and keep it looking luscious for longer, achieving a shiny and smoother finish. The KeraStraight range boast incredible benefits and longevity and can be enjoyed by people who want luxurious products that strengthen and moisturise their hair. KeraStraight conditioner detangles and protects your hair against breakage and split ends, so you can say goodbye to the dreary tangles and snags.

KeraStraight hair products have a range of treatments and volume enhancement, meaning if your hair is fine, thin and limp, the products can transform your tired looking, lifeless hair to long-lasting and volumising results adding a subtle yet stronghold to fine, thin hair types.

It is clear that both the shampoo and conditioner work together to enhance and add volume. KeraStraight is a preferred product for our clients, hairdressers, and stylists. The significant benefits they provide for all hair styles makes it the most sorted product in our UK online hair store. We are a UK KeraStraight supplier and we deal in all KeraStraight hair products. Get in touch with us for a unique experience.

Please call 01204 522602 for a KeraStraight treatment in the Salon.

Merritts for Hair
Fabulous product.
This is the best oil serum I have ever used - leaves my hair feeling quenched smooth and silky and I only apply once after washing unlike others which you need to reapply - love it!
KeraStraight product review.
5 / 5

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