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Ikoo Metallic Brush and Ikoo E-Styler from Merritts for Hair

The Ikoo Metallic detangling range of brushes come in five fabulous colours. Ikoo brushes are different from your average detangling brush! Their unique bristles are soft and gentle on your scalp, brushing your hair whilst massaging. It does not matter if your hair is curly, straight or coloured! Your hair will feel much better after using the Ikoo.

If you love a product that has more than one use, you will love the Ikoo Metallic Brush. Apart from it being a pain-free detangling brush, Ikoo Metallic Brush also gives you a gentle head massage when using it. Ikoo design has activating pressure points that makes hair brushing easier and it can relieve minor headaches, leaving you relaxed every time.

The brush has the following features that help detangle your hair easily:

First, the shape of the brush makes it fit perfectly in your hand and brush perfectly on your head. This ergonomic feature allows an even distribution of energy while manually pressing on your hair.

Secondly, the brush painlessly detangles your hair due to its optimised bristle architecture.

Ikoo Brush comes in a pocket size, with a cover that pops in your purse or pocket for brushing on the go or a larger size for home use. It also comes in different metallic colours with a choice of white and black bristles.

Another revolutionary brush from the Ikoo brand is the Ikoo E-styler. Ikoo E-styler gives some amazing results, reduces the straightening and smoothing time by up to 50%, helping you get fabulous looking hair. Ikoo E-Styler combines the functions of brushing and straightening which simplifies your styling routine in a unique way. When using this brush on your hair, it glides easily, without tangling and resistance trouble the brush bristles.

The Ikoo E-styler warms up quickly and its high-quality ceramic plates work gently on your hair. It has more individual ceramic plates to ensure you get uniform heat application during the brushing process without the need for additional equipment.

Ikoo E-styler has different features such as:

Ionic function for preventing fly-away. This integrated ionic technology gives your hair a shiny, silky and satin-like finish and prevents flyaway after brushing.

Five heating levels, which you can use to apply the heat depending on your hair texture.

Safe handling and protection. Come with natural rubber isolate heating elements that protect your scalp.

The advantage of the ceramic used in Ikoo E-styler compared with metallic is that the resistance on straightening is minimal. Having your hair pulled out during brushing is now a thing of the past.

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