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Valera Swiss Silent 9500 Ionic
Valera Swiss Silent 9500 Ionic
Valera Swiss Nano 9200
Valera Swiss Nano 9200
Valera Swiss Silent Jet 8600 Ionic

Choose a Valera Professional Hair Dryer

Valera is a Swiss hair dryer brand with a vision for bringing innovative technology into the hair-dressing world. The minds behind the company have achieved this with their incredible range of professional hair dryers that we’re proud to stock here at Merritts for Hair.

Their high-performance hair dryers have been changing the hair-dressing game with clever technology, and features fit for most high-end salons. But the best thing about a Valera hair dryer is its price. With their low prices, you can get your hands on their outstanding tech and hair-drying capabilities in the comfort of your own home. Treat yourself to a luxury salon experience whenever you please, without leaving your dressing room.

What Can a Valera Dryer Do for Your Hair?

Each Valera dryer available here offers you a unique set of benefits to help with your hair care and hair styling journey.

The Valera Swiss Silent 9500 Ionic is one of the best silent hair dryers on the market, with a quiet system filter designed so you can chat and discuss your hairstyles while you get ready.

Additionally, the Valera Swiss Nano 9200 is a super compact hairdryer, but despite its size, it’s compelling, with fast air flow and excellent control of your hair.

Finally, the Valera Swiss Silent Jet 8600 Ionic is a great high-power hairdryer with multiple speed and heat modes to provide you with the exact settings you need to create the most stunning ‘dos.

Valera Hair Products at Merritts for Hair

We’re proud to offer Valera hair products here at Merritts for Hair within our range of salon-quality hair dryers. So if you’re looking for quality on a budget, then we’re the place to go for all your electrical hair products because we only stock the best but do so at a reasonable price.

Pick up a brand new Valera hair dryer for as little as £85.95 and experience professional quality in the comfort of your home.

What our customers say about Valera products

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Best ever.
I used this hairdryer on a break away, and loved it so much when I got home decided I must have one, it's so much quieter than my other and it doesn't blast my hair, I love it.
Valera product review.
5 / 5