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Joico Shampoo & Conditioner Duos 500ml
£24.95  -  £26.95
Daily Care Treatment Shampoo
£9.95  -  £27.95
Body Luxe Shampoo
£2.75  -  £22.95
Daily Care Balancing Conditioner
£9.95  -  £22.95
Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer
K-Pak Clarifying Shampoo
£11.95  -  £26.95
K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner
£2.75  -  £24.95
K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo
£2.50  -  £24.95
K-Pak Conditioner
£2.75  -  £24.95
K-Pak Intense Hydrator Treatment
£3.95  -  £34.95
K-Pak Thermal Design Foam
Style And Finish Power Gel
Body Luxe Conditioner
£2.75  -  £22.95
Body Luxe Root Lift Volumising Foam
Body Luxe Volumizing Elixir
Colour Endure Conditioner
£2.50  -  £22.95
Colour Endure Shampoo
£2.50  -  £24.95
Colour Endure Treatment Masque
£11.95  -  £19.95
Colour Endure Violet Conditioner
£2.50  -  £27.95
Colour Endure Violet Shampoo
£10.25  -  £24.95
Curl Cleansing Shampoo
£2.75  -  £32.95
Curl Controlling Anti-frizz Styler
Curl Creme Wash
Curl Defining Contouring Foam-Wax
Curl Nourished Conditioner
£2.95  -  £33.95
Curl Perfected Curl Correcting Milk
£2.95  -  £10.95
Curl Refreshed Reanimating Mist
£2.95  -  £10.95
Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo Gift Pack
Joico Shampoo and Conditioner Gift Pack
£22.95  -  £25.95
K-Pak Colour Therapy Dry Oil Spray
K-Pak Cuticle Sealer 1L
K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor
£4.95  -  £39.95
K-Pak Leave-In Protectant
K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor
K-Pak Protect And Shine Serum
K-Pak Protective Hairspray
K-Pak Shampoo
£2.95  -  £24.95
K-Pak Smoothing Balm
Moisture Recovery Conditioner
£2.75  -  £23.95
Moisture Recovery Leave-In Moisturizer
Moisture Recovery Shampoo
£2.50  -  £22.95
Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
£10.95  -  £19.95
Smooth Cure Conditioner
Style And Finish Joigel Firm Styling Gel
Style And Finish Joigel Medium Styling Gel
Style And Finish Joimist Firm Finishing Spray
£8.95  -  £13.95
Style And Finish Joiwhip

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Turn fine, damaged hair into healthy, conditioned hair to be proud of with Joico.

Joico hair care products take the simplest of hair products, such as shampoo and conditioner, and offer a targeted solution to turn fine, damaged, colour treated or unmanageable hair into healthy, conditioned hair to be proud of.

For those who need daily attention, the Daily Care range is gentle enough for everyday use with a special selection for those suffering from psoriasis, dandruff or an excessively oily scalp. For damage repair and protection, try the hydrating K-Pak range, which will soon have your damaged locks on their way to recovery.

Colour Endure will lock your colour in whilst maintaining shine Body Luxe products will add volume, lift and thicken your hair. Choose a spray, serum or gel from the Joico Style and Finish range and you can have healthy, beautiful hair once more.

Buy Joico hair products from the UK's leading online hair product store.

At Merritts for Hair, you'll find all of the latest hair care products from the top brands including Joico hair products. When it comes to hair care, little can beat the quality of professional hair care products and Joico certainly fall into that category - A range of hair products that will help give you the salon look every day.

Why choose Merritts for Hair to shop for Joico?

We were established in 1972 as a hair salon in Bolton, Lancashire. We are not just an online store, we are professionals who understand hair care and the value of good quality hair products, and over the past five decades we have seen it all, including what actually works best! Our online store is years worth of experience in one place. When you shop online at Merritts for Hair for Joico, you get the very best of everything.

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