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Snooboos organic pet shampoo

Snooboos shampoo for dogs is a natural, organic, vegan product. Made from original Boo Blend, the shampoo is gentle and kind to your dogs skin and coat. Enriched with selected organic essential oils, cedarwood and Juniper. Your dogs coat will be left soft, healthy and naturally scented.

Directions: Comb dogs coat to remove any knots and dirt. Apply to wet coat and massage in thoroughly. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with Snooboos conditioning spray for best results.

Snoobos Conditioning Spray is rich non-greasy formula is blended with organic essential oils, cold pressed Olive oil & Aloe Vera and enriched with Cedarwood & Lavender. This gorgeous leave-in conditioner works to detangle, deodorise and condition the coat of your pet, leaving it soft, manageable and naturally scented. Suitable for all furry pets and kind on humans too!

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