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Kent Salon Ceramic Round Brushes
Kent Salon Curling and Straightening Brushes
£22.95  -  £32.95
Kent Salon KS01 Cushion Oval Brush
£25.00   £22.95
Kent Salon KS05 Large Fine Paddle Brush
£25.00   £22.95
Kent Salon KS07 Large Wide Paddle Brush
£25.00   £22.95
Kent Salon KS09 Staggered 7 Row Styling Brush
£25.00   £22.95
Kent Salon KS02 Vent Curved Brush
£20.00   £18.95
Kent Salon KS03 Vent Brush
Kent Salon KS06 Small Fine Paddle Brush
Kent Salon KS08 Small Wide Paddle Brush
Kent Salon KS04 Dressing Out Brush
£15.00   £14.95

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

Salon professional range of Kent Salon brushes

Kent brushes are arguably one of the best hair brush manufacturers in the UK, which now includes the Kent Salon range. This salon professional range of hair brushes include boar bristle and ceramic styling brushes available in round hair brushes to paddle brushes for fine or thick hair.

Our selection of Kent Salon brushes.

- Boar bristle brushes encourage shine whilst blow-drying and hold the hair snugly to the brush to help make styling easier.

- A paddle brush is great for brushing through long straight hair and the ceramic brushes hold heat in the hair, great for creating today's long curly blow-drys.

- One of our favourite brushes is the curved vent brush, it's open bristles allow for easy styling and the dressing brush allows a light backcomb to finish.

All the Kent Salon brushes have a tapered silver tip to make sectioning your hair easier and their ergonomic styling keeps your brush nicely balanced in your hand. All of the brushes comes with their very own carry case to keep your brush in top condition. The Kent Salon brushes collection will help give you a professional finish to your hair.

Buy Kent Salon products from the UK's leading online hair product store.

At Merritts for Hair, you'll find all of the latest hair care products from the top brands including Kent Salon hairbrushes. When it comes to hair care, little can beat the quality of professional hair care products and Kent brushes fall into that category - A range of hair products that will help give you the salon look every day.

Why choose Merritts for Hair to shop for Kent Salon?

We were established in 1972 as a hair salon in Bolton, Lancashire. We are not just an online store, we are professionals who understand hair care and the value of good quality hair products, and over the past five decades we have seen it all, including what actually works best! Our online store is years worth of experience in one place. When you shop online at Merritts for Hair for Kent Salon brushes, you get the very best of everything.

Merritts for Hair
Kent Salon brushes, the BEST out there!
As a senior stylist, brushes are very important for the perfect blow dry. As a previous user of GHD brushes, I was sceptical about beating their performance, but I am totally converted to Kent ceramic brushes, strong, lightweight and performing to a far higher quality than any other brush I have ever used.
Kent Salon product review.
5 / 5

B.R.U.S.H – The Heated Hairbrushes Collection

B.R.U.S.H is one of our favourite brands to hit the salon hair products market, with an innovative collection of heated brushes for styling hair. At B.R.U.S.H, they believe in empowering their customers, creating a line of heated brushes that can recreate a salon-quality finish at home.

B.R.U.S.H offers a simple tool to use and allows users to feel like their best selves every day. With the hot round brush, you can achieve a style from your own home that you could once only get from a hairdressing professional. In a matter of minutes, the hairdryer round brush can completely transform your hair, leaving you with a sleek finish.


How Does a Hot Round Brush Work?

B.R.U.S.H initially designed the heated brushes to provide a quick solution to messy hair, allowing everyone to achieve salon-quality hair in no time. The hot round brush works on dry hair and is an excellent alternative to other styling tools such as BaByliss Pro Styling Tools. Hitting temperatures as high as 180°c, the B.R.U.S.H heated hairbrushes add volume to your hair simply through brushing.


How Are B.R.U.S.H Heated Brushes Formulated?

The heated hair brushes by B.R.U.S.H are a solution to bad hair days as their unique formula revitalises hair, increasing confidence and the health of your hair. Each hot round brush is made up of a barrel that includes three key ingredients, each chosen for its unique characteristics:

Keratin – Keratin is the protein responsible for hair strength, flexibility, and overall health. Adding keratin to the heated hairbrushes revives the hair, leaving it feeling soft and shiny again.

Argan Oil – The role of argan oil in heated brushes is to restore moisture to the hair. Argan oil also protects the hair from excess damage and reduces breakage and split ends.

Macadamia Oil – The fatty acids in macadamia oil are ideal for providing moisture to the hair and scalp. The 100% natural oil mimics natural oils produced by the body, making it a non-damaging oil.


Heated Hairbrushes by B.R.U.S.H Available at Merritt’s for Hair

At Merritts for Hair, we stock an extensive selection of heated brushes by B.R.U.S.H, available to purchase online today. The heated hairbrushes range from 30mm to 40mm in size, are suitable for all hair types and eliminate frizz to leave hair looking smooth.

For more information on the B.R.U.S.H brand or any of our other hair care products, contact us today.

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