Problem Hair: How to deal with thick, coarse locks

Monday, 9 November 2015  |  Admin

Photograph by Helmuts R on Flickr


Thick hair is sometimes seen as an ideal hair type and you may often get comments from others who are jealous of your thick and voluptuous locks. 

However what they don't realise is thick hair comes with its own styling and maintenance problems such as being tough to work with and difficult to style.

Today we give you a look at some of the best cuts for thick hair alongside some of our favourite haircare and styling products designed especially for your hair type.


The Right Cut for Thick Hair

Unfortunately like all other hair types some styles just don't suit the thick and coarse hair type. If you have thick hair it is usually best to avoid styles such as blunt bobs, or styles cut with a blunt fringe. Others to avoid include choppy layers that just won't sit right with thick hair or one length cuts that give a hard line and end up with an unflattering finish.

To do your hair the best justice and leave yourself looking gorgeous go for softly textured looks that naturally suit your hair type. Think about adding in framing layers with soft edges that add to the texture and subtly blend together rather than creating contrast.

This approach will help with layering and thinning the hair to create a more sleek and refined look  that will suit you and be so much easier to work with!


Hair Care Products

Attaining and maintaining soft and silky strands is a dream scenario for anyone with thick or coarse hair so using the correct shampoo and conditioner products is vital.

With a thick hair type it is important to wash your hair frequently and look for shampoos designed to help you get the best from your locks. For instance Matrix Sleek Look Shampoo uses a special formula that takes dry and coarse thick hair and leaves it feeling soft and super healthy.

With thick hair the more lightweight a product is the better because heavy shampoos, conditioners and styling products will leave your hair feeling greasy and less manageable.

We recommended products such as Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Liquid Oil Conditioner or Joico Silk Result Conditioner Thick/Coarse for daily smoothing for soft, silky and more manageable hair!




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