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Glowwa Hair Food
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Glowwa Hair Food Meno

Who is GLOWWA Hair Food?

As one of the hottest haircare brands to hit the market, GLOWWA has already made quite the impression on the hair and beauty industry. Only a year after their founding, their exclusive line of vegan hair vitamins was shortlisted in the 2021 Wellbeing Awards, nominated as the editor's choice.

Based in the cities of Manchester and London, GLOWWA has created a solution for those struggling with fine and brittle hair. As experts in hair food vitamins, they have delivered a product that can promote healthier growth for your hair and enhance the condition of your hair.


Eco Friendly and Vegan Hair Vitamins

Created using a blend of natural and plant-based ingredients, GLOWWA guarantees that no bulking agents go into making their products, classifying them as 100% vegan. In addition, as a brand that does not believe in using animals for vanity purposes, the hair vitamins by GLOWWA are cruelty-free, with all testing conducted on human volunteers.

GLOWWA is not only vegan and cruelty-free; they are also avid supporters of increasing awareness around climate change. To offer an incentive to their customers and take necessary steps towards reducing climate change, they promise to plant one tree for every purchase made from their brand. Furthermore, they carefully consider the locations when planting these trees, choosing areas with damaged ecosystems most affected by climate change.


Hair Vitamins to Promote Healthier Hair

Ingredients in the GLOWWA vegan hair vitamins include B12, Vitamin C and other necessary additives such as Biotin. Each element is accurately selected to ensure that the hair vitamins deliver a wide range of benefits.

Although we take in vitamins every day from food and drink sources, the vital organs prioritise using them up. In fact, the hair is one of the last places to receive any vitamin supply remaining, which means that most of the time, it's left with very little. GLOWWA recognises this and has created the ideal solution for obtaining the necessary nutrients to keep your hair looking voluminous and silky.


GLOWWA Hair Food Vitamins at Merritts for Hair

As part of our extensive haircare products range at Merritts for Hair, we offer GLOWWA hair food, available to purchase in 60 capsule packages. For more information on the GLOWWA collection or any of our other top haircare brands, please fill out one of our enquiry forms or give us a call on 01204522602.