Back to School Hair Styles

Photograph by M I T C H Ǝ L L on Flickr

Autumn is on the horizon and the summer holidays are all but over. That means thousands of us are going back to school, college or university. After a lazy few weeks off are you up to scratch in the style stakes? Here's how to get one of the hottest looks on campus with our look at the best back to school hairstyles for 2015.

Bedhead Waves

Make the transition for summer holiday morning lie in to an early start easier with this messy bedhead look.

The look can work with both shorter and longer locks and it is adaptable. To achieve the look best with a shorter cut, wash your hair on the evening and style it whist it is still wet by twisting into two French braids. All that is left to do the next morning is fall out of bed and release the braids for perfect textured and tousled hair.

To get the best effect with a longer cut it is best to take a different approach. Start again by washing the hair and style it into four miniature ballet buns, two perched high on the head and two low buns using soft elastics to prevent creasing. Once released in the morning hair will have a more natural texture and fall into beautiful soft waves.


Half Up 'Do

This look works best for those with long hair. The style which is a firm favourite of pop star Ariana Grande is an iconic back to school look that captures contemporary style and a fun feel.

To style this look start by keeping your fringe section separated and use a brush to smooth out the rest of your hair before securing into a ponytail. Finally you need to twist back the front section of the hair and fix it to the side of your head with hair pins. All you need now is to throw your books in your bag and you're ready for a new term!