Winter hair blues




Is your hair feeling a little dry now winter is here? People assume that summer is the time of year that dries your hair out! In actual fact, we find that because people tend to have their central heating on at home for prolonged periods of time, this will have a drying effect on your hair!

The Fuente Anti Aging Wellness mask is a highly intensive mask, providing both moisture and protein to where the hair needs it. The UV Protection will help protect your hair against dryness and colour fade. pushing  vitamins back in to the hair.

A slightly less expensive alternative to the Fuente mask, which we would also recommend, is the Neal & Wolf Harmony Treatment. With the well known Neal & Wolf Aroma, not only does the treatment smell luxurious, it also transforms your hair completely in texture and appearance. Using silk proteins, this mask will deeply penetrate and leaves your hair silky smooth.


A change in weather can cause your scalp to flake and become itchy. In the winter, there's less humidity in the air, which can dry out your scalp. If you find this happens to you, then we would recommend a mask targeted to problem scalps. The Dual Therapy Mediceuticals mask is one of our favorites. Even more effective when combined with the X-Derma shampoo. 

Unlike conditioners , when masks are left on, they penetrate into the hair more deeply to help repair and nourish.

Leaving a mask on your hair will leave it feeling shinier, healthy and will add much more body into your hair. Your hair does not have to suffer this winter, give it some much needed TLC

Check out some of our masques that will help put life back in to your locks!