The best of the bunch – Best hair brushes 2015

For too many years I’ve been straightening my wavy hair with a humble plastic comb and straightening irons and I’m proud to say I think I’ve now got the hang on it! So, forgive me if I was a little cautious when the KeraStraight EasyComb landed on my desk. It’s a comb that clamps the hair so you can easily separate each section of hair as you work on it.  The KeraStraight EasyComb also helps you get your straightening irons closer to the scalp without risk of burning either your scalp or hands and all the while keeps the hair perfectly straight. It’s very popular when Brazilian straightening as it’s strong and resistant to chemicals. I’m always surprised when I find a comb that’s lightweight but durable enough to get through my hair without breaking – always a bonus! It’s a clever little thing and now I’ve got one, I’d say an essential piece of kit in my hair toolkit bag.

If your brush has given up the ghost or you’re struggling to decipher which one is best for styling and blow-drying, I would seriously consider this classic over-sized cushion brush. The Kent Salon KS01 Cushion Brush is ideal for making light work of dressing out for long hair.  The Kent Salon KS01 Cushion Brush has got a chubby head but it’s perfectly balanced with a shorter handle so even after a good 10 minutes of work my wrist muscles were still feeling happy. It’s definitely worth the slightly higher price point as the natural boar bristles and ball-ended quills are not only great for grooming and detangling wet/thick hair but super gentle too.


Whilst the rest of us are still straightening, those lucky enough to have easy-care medium locks should think about adding the Morocconoil Round Brush 45mm to their brush collection as it’s the ideal tool for creating that most coveted of looks – loose wavy voluminous hair the kind you see on every catwalk and movie premiere.

The brush has a large classic oval shape design and uses high quality materials in its construction. The shorter handle of this brush not only looks great but has a functional benefit too because it helps you control movement through the hair with ease.


To see more brushes please take a look at the full collections available for sale on the Merritts for Hair website.