Strictly Takes Two Male Grooming

On tonights Strictly Take Two Lisa Davey and Lisa Armstrong gave us great tips on male grooming with the gorgeous Ed. One of the top tips was the use of mattifying powder. On the show, Lisa used Schwarzkopf Dust it, but one of our top selling powders is Evo Haze.  An ultra-fine powder, it gives great body and lift to the finest and floppiest of hair. Other favourite powders can be found on out Powder page

Next came the texturizing spray. Lisa used the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray, but Alterna Caviar also has Perfect Texture Spray. Both are fine sprays that give a matte look to your hair.

Layering is key, so the next product was a cream wax, The Cream waxes in our store are S4U D'finr and the Chill Ed Matte Both are lighter versions of the more traditional wax, and are much easier to apply and lighter on the hair. Evo shebang a bang goes one better as a dry spray wax, which is extremely light in texture but gives definition to the tips of the hair.

Last, but not least, is the finishing spray, which holds the finished look in place. We have light to very strong hold hairsprays available on site, which will depend on the environment around you. Blustery days could warrant a stronger hold, whilst calmer days will only require a light touch. Choose your hairspray from the range found on our website.