Shampoo for Grey hair

With all the trend for the new grey hair, sales for shampoo with ash or violet tones are rocketing. Most of our brands have got a shampoo that will keep the grey tones in your hair in between salon visits. 

To achieve  the gorgeous greys, most girls will have to prelighten their hair, but the problem with prelightening is that the hair becomes more porous and less likely to retain the tone. Olaplex has made a massive difference to us in the salon as the hair is left in much better condition and retains the colour for longer.

For home use we have a number of shampoos and conditioners that will help to maintain the tone between salon visits. Grey Pride,  Blonde Ambition and Forever Grey are the choices that Alfaparf have to offer. With a high percentage of violet and ash pigments these will certainly are a favourite and a little goes a long way.

Not to be outdone, Joico have the Color Endure Violet shampoo and conditioner come in various sizes, are available in duo packs and offer great value.

Chill ed Blonde also have both shampoo and matching conditioner are favourites of our younger clients in the salon ( they like the packaging).

evo, don't have a specific shampoo, but their fabuloso range has a great platinum blonde conditioner which repairs and nourishes your hair and can be left on for up to 20 minutes.

And finally Matrix Colour Obsessed So Silver is very popular with our online visitors and is the cheapest of our silver shampoos. 

Our top tip is to TURN YOUR HEAT DOWN! Having your straighteners, dryers and wands turned on the highest setting is the worst thing you can do..... It will IMMEDIATELY strip the tones from your hair, whether grey or the gorgeous pastel tones that are really  currently hitting our facebook pages. Guy Tang shows this best in his youtube video.. 


it really is unbelievable how quickly it takes out the colour. The lower, the better, so try the lowest temperature first.

So keeping your hair in the best condition it can be, with weekly treatments to hydrate and moisturise, turning down the heat and using heat protection, staying out of the sun and finally, using the violet shampoo and conditioner of  your choice will make a HUGE difference to how long your tone stays.