Men's Haircut Trends

Photograph by Matt P. on Flickr


Transitioning from summer warmth to winter chill means more than just changing your wardrobe. For style-conscious men, it also involves a trip to the hairstylist for a look that can survive the winter winds without turning them into a fashion disaster.

Men who intend to switch up their hairstyle this season have several options to choose from: longer, more relaxed styles, short, structured cuts, and looks that emphasise the hair’s natural form. Each one is easy to style and maintain, which is great news for guys on the go.


Fringed hairstyles are both youthful and hassle-free. They’re great for men with high foreheads or long faces, as fringes make the face look more in proportion. For best results go for added texture, try applying a sea salt spray such as Evo Salty Dog to damp hair and blow-dry. Evo Salty Dog is a mist type styling product that is designed to give you salty, beach-based texture and a matt finish. Alternatively style this look with a fashionably unkempt appearance, and let it dry naturally, and at the great price of £12.95.  Go on, order some and look dangerous and exciting!

Swept Back

This trending style has the dramatic effect of a slick-back without the oily residue. Hair around the ears and at the neck is cut around two inches shorter than the hair on top, and careful layering blends the two lengths together. To style, use the fingers while blow drying to push the hair back into shape, and apply product to preserve the look.

Messy Waves

The Eighties are back and how we've missed them! This renaissance style accentuates natural curls and waves and simply requires a little shaping. It works well with thicker hair so try American Crew Thickening Shampoo (at our great price of only £9.95) which puts you on the right track to achieving thicker, fuller hair and adds maximum body and increased volume daily. Next, simply blow dry hair on a low-speed setting to minimise excess volume, and add a your styling product of choice to the roots to achieve texture and definition. For more clearly defined waves, use curling tongs. Afterwards, complete style with fingers.

Afro Styles

Fuller, more natural styles are trending for afro hair. They’re easy to wear and lets afro hair assume its natural form. To style, simply wash, air-dry, and apply some product for shine. For a more groomed appearance, apply an oil and setter to dry hair, which adds shine and control.

For those who feel that a complete afro is not for them, they can cut the hair on the sides of the head shorter while allowing the top layer to grow naturally.


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