Keep Your Blonde Hair Colour for Longer

  Photograph by Maegan Tintari


Dyed blonde hair can look beautiful and with countless shades available to choose from you can find one to match your complexion and achieve your desired look.


The only problem once you've got the perfect dyed blonde hairdo' is keeping it that way – repeat trips to a stylist or colourist every few weeks is a sure way to blow your bank balance. For this reason many women with dyed blonde hair choose to use products at home that can make their colour last much longer. Today we take a look at some of the best available.


Keep your blonde colour fresh

Dying your hair changes the pigments held within each hair strand – the key is to try and lock in the colour for as long as possible. To do that you first need to know what makes colours fade.

Essentially anything that lifts the hair shaft cuticle can allow pigment particles to escape causing the colour to fade.

There are several causes here and water is a major one. Water can wash away and dilute the hair dye pigment making it fade faster. Of course avoiding washing your hair all together is not usually an option but it is possible to sidestep much of the damage that water can do to your precious hair colour.

Washing your hair less often is one option to consider as is choosing the products you use when you wash your hair very carefully. Consider a specialist colour shampoo that is designed to add longevity. Normal shampoo won't do much harm but it won't add any extra protection either.

Colour enhancing shampoos work by sealing your hair cuticle so your strands hold on to the dye inside. We like Joico Colour Endure Shampoo because it gently maintains colour and protects colour vibrancy while leaving hair feeling softer and more manageable.

Another great way to protect your blonde hair is to use a leave in conditioner such as KeraStraight Moisture Mist to help prevent damage and lock in colour. This product uses a nutrient rich formula and delivers a weightless feel with a hydrolyzed keratin base that instantly strengthens detangles and revives your hair helping to retain moisture and provide great shine.

Simply spray into freshly cleansed or dry hair and massage through evenly.