How to keep that summer Holiday tan

Photograph by Helga Weber on Flickr



You've worked hard all summer for a good tan and now it's time to keep it going that little bit longer! Here are our tips for keeping your gorgeous glow going into Autumn.


General Skin care tips: Firstly there are a few skin care tips that can help you maintain your tan just by incorporating them into your daily routine.


Cooler Showers Hot baths and showers can lead to dehydration to your skin and cause peeling. A cool shower with a shower gel designed to maintain moisture is your best approach.


Moisturise Using a post holiday lotion or body butter is a great way to lock in your holiday colour by keeping the skin moisturised and healthy. Apply daily!

Drink water Just as important as keeping your skin hydrated is to drink water which helps to prolong the life of your skin cells and helps to smooth the skin.

Exfoliate This may feel counter intuitive but eventually the best way to maintain your tan is to exfoliate your skin removing the dull surface cells in preparation for self tanning. We recommend Xen-tan scrub a gentle exfoliant designed to prepare your skin leaving it soft and smooth for a beautiful, longer-lasting tan. The light granular texture rejuvenates your skin leaving it incredibly soft, smooth and perfectly prepared. Try it for yourself and order here!

The best way to top up and maintain your natural tan colour is to use a gradual tanning product. The best gradual tanning products are easy to apply and quick drying so you can easily add them into your daily beauty regime. Using a product such as X-Tan Transform a light, daily tanner that nourishes and soothes your skin, with Vitamin E and Aloe ingredients,  will add subtle colour to enhance your tan without looking overdone.  

Another great product designed for gradually tanning your face is Xen-Tan Face Tanner. This product is ideal is for those who need to top up their tan with a subtle, gradual glow. Xen-Tan Face Tanner is packed with antioxidants and the formula includes vitamin E, Green Tea and Aloe to help smooth and soothe your skin. Get this product if you're after a beautiful self-tan and facial treatment all in one!