Hair Products for Cancer Patients

Going through treatment for cancer is a difficult period for anyone and can be further compounded by hair loss.


While not all types of chemotherapy treatments cause hair loss, those that do will typically cause the hair to fall out a couple of weeks after the first chemotherapy treatment. The effects of hair loss can also cause a more sensitive, dry and flaking scalp.


There are some pharmaceutical companies that develop products that can help those about to undergo chemotherapy. While these products do not guarantee they will work for everyone, the results have been excellent for many patients. 


One of the most advanced hair loss products is the Mediceuticals Restoration Kit.

There are 4 versions of the kit available:


For Men

Mediceuticals Mens Bioclenz Hair Restoration Kit for Normal Hair

Mediceuticals Mens Hydroclenz Hair Restoration Kit for Dry Hair


For Women

Folligen Hair Restoration Kit for Normal Hair

Saturate Hair Restoration Kit for Dry Hair


Each Mediceuticals Hair Restoration Kit contains phase 1, 2 and 3 in scalp therapy to help combat hair loss and thinning. The products work by inhibiting DHT and energising your hair and scalp to increase growth by up to 46%.


These products can be used by those who are about to begin or have already finished chemotherapy, but please do not start to use during the course of chemotherapy.


About Mediceuticals

Each Mediceuticals product is developed over many years and includes detailed pharmaceutical research and extensive clinical trials. 


There are a few other important points to know about Mediceuticals products:


  • Products are created from natural ingredients
  • Mediceuticals are sold exclusively in salons after staff have gone through training in giving tailored advice to customers
  • The number of satisfied users of Mediceuticals around the world is growing around the world.

Please read our own customer reviews, which are on the individual product page or if you need more advice on which Mediceuticals product is right for you, then please get in touch with us using the contact form or phone us in the salon on 01204 522602