Extreme Festival Colour with Chill Ed

Photograph Eva Rinaldi on Flickr


If you're heading to a festival this summer and looking to mix up your look, you should try out the extremely cool range of semi-permanent hair stains from Chill. 

Each Chill Ed Stain colour should last for around 10-20 washes and will help you become a master of invention!

The high quality product range is produced by a British company and available exclusively to salons such as Merritts for Hair so you won't find this product anywhere on the high street.

The Chill brand have been innovators in the hair industry since the early 2000's when they were founded by a team of professional stylists to cut through the boring and safe hair care brands available at the time.

The Chill Ed range comes in a variety of colours including extreme yellow, vibrant purple, pink, red, turquoise and cherry.

Even though some major festivals have already been and gone such as Glastonbury, summer 2015 is just getting warmed up and there are many more big name music events still to go. V Festival kicks off in August as does Leeds & Reading Festival, while T in the Park takes place this weekend.

To get creative with your locks and mix up your colour you can easily use Chill Ed extreme colours at home.

To use you simply wash and towel dry hair before applying the colour to your hair with a tint brush, sponge or fingers and then comb through. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid staining your arms and hands.

For best results apply to your hair and leave on for around 15-30 minutes depending on your original colour and what shade you want to go.

To speed up the colouring process you can cover your hair with clingfilm or a plastic cap. 

To wash off the dye simply rinse your hair thoroughly for 3 minutes before washing with a quality shampoo and conditioner.

This range is perfect for creating ombre or Dip Dye effects or blending different extreme shades.


If you're ready to have fun and experiment with you hair you can find the Chill range available for sale here on the Merritts store.