Blake Lively goes Bronde

Photograph – Blake Lively / Instagram 


Blake Lively made her name as a blonde with cascading locks in the hit US tv show Gossip Girl.

It's a look she has stuck with for the most part ever since both in her personal life and in her future roles in movies such as Green lantern and the Age of Adeline. There was a brief departure to redhead for her role in the film Hick which she debuted at the Times 100 Awards.


The look received a mixed reception with hardcore fans believing she suited her signature blonde better, but others praised her bravery to change up her style. Either way, she was back to her best blonde soon after filming was over.


Now, the Californian actress has decided the time is right to go for a new colour – and it's bronde. Blake first showcased the look on Instagram to her followers and she is delighted with the new look, suggesting it could be here to stay. She added the caption 'Brondes have more fun' to her photo before adding a hashtag that makes fun of the bronde name, which is a mixture of the words brunette and blonde  - #NoTypos-IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo.


New Blonde Colouring Technique

In other interesting hair colour news this week, a new colouring technique know has Illuminatique is starting to grow in popularity. 


The technique is designed to help those who want to get beach blonde locks without the harsh and obvious roots showing up within a matter of just a week or two.  Illuminatique is applied after the hair has been highlighted and is intended to break the base and blends the roots of hair with a colour that is two or three shades lighter than the natural hair colour. This  is applied to a few inches of the roots lifting the colour and creating an illuminating effect, hence the Illminatique name.

The technique helps to mask the regrowth of hair so your colour lasts longer in-between trips to the stylist.