Best School Prom hairstyles 2015

            Photograph - Oscar Rethwill on Flickr 

The final outfit defining choice you have left to make is your hairstyle. Will you go with the prom queen classic of a sophisticated updo? Would you prefer a more bohemian loose wavy style? Or is a contemporary slick back or side pony look more your thing?


We will take a look through a few of our favourite prom styles for 2015 to help you make your final choice.


Senior Prom

If you're heading to your senior prom or school leavers prom then you'll want to look your best by choosing a sophisticated hairstyle that leaves you feeling confident. Pick one of these amazing looks and you'll be ready to go and make some amazing memories with your school friends.


Side Ponytail with Curls & Volume

For a look that adds interest try this eye-catching style. Tease the hair on the crown area to create volume before gathering up your locks and tying into a side pony.  Set up curls strategically on the side ponytail to create contrast from the top of the hair.  Wear the ponytail over one shoulder for the ultimate in prom chic.

A product such as Neal & Wolf Fix & Hold, a maximum long-lasting hold hairspray that intensifies shine is ideal for keeping this look in place throughout the event.

High Ponytail

It's a look that has been good enough for high fashion models on the runways all year, and it's a look that won't let you down for prom. The simple, sleek high ponytail is an easy, effortless yet glamorous style that will elevate you overall outfit to a new level.

To style pull your hair back into a high, tight ponytail and secure in place with an elastic hair band. Take out a section of hair from the ponytail to wrap around the base and secure with a hair pin.

A finishing spray such as Joico Style And Finish Joifix Firm Finishing Spray can make this look by helping you achieve a sleek and smooth finish. This product is designed to give  hold to finished hair and will help smooth flyaways and hold your ponytail in place.


Junior Prom

Junior proms are all bout capturing that princess look so think updo, braided ponytails, or long wavy styles.



When it comes to creating a topknot for prom adding volume and finding the correct position for the bun is the key to the right style. Pull  your hair upwards and ensure that you have the hair at the back of your head tight and smooth, secure your locks into a tight ponytail with a small elastic hair band.

Next backcomb the ponytail to add height before twisting the hair into a round bun shape. Fasten the bun with hairpins. The final look should sit flat on the top of the head and hair should look neat.

To finish use a styling spray like Alterna Perfect Texture Finishing Spray.


Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is perfect hairstyle for a special event such as a junior prom.

To create the look make a side parting before taking a section of hair from left side of your parting towards your left temple. Split this section of hair into three equal parts and weave together to form the braid. Next secure the end of the braid with a small elastic band or hairpin. 

To add an extra dimension to this stye use Neal & Wolf Glow, a spray that smooths hair and reduces frizz whilst adding beautiful shine.