Best new Haircuts for 2016

The dawn of a New Year always inspires us to strive for excellence. In our jobs, our relationships, and of course in our appearance.

One of the biggest transformations you can undertake is changing your hairstyle. Whether you’re looking to make a dramatic impact or go the long and semi-natural route, here are some ideas for starting 2016 with a major ‘wow’ factor going for you.

The Micro Fringe

A bold fashion statement that has been embraced by the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyonce, the micro fringe (dubbed the ‘baby fringe’ in some quarters) looks daring and sporty but there are a few factors you want to consider before hurrying to the stylist. A fringe like this is best suited for denser hairlines, and those with too many natural cowlicks and quirks will have to spend extra time smoothing them out.

If you want to try rocking this style, get a mini flat iron to help you tame the super-short layers and make them fall properly. To hold the finished style, apply a strong wax such as Joico Style and Finish Creme Wax Texture And Shine and even stronger hairspray.

The Mullet

Nearly four decades after being made the quintessential rocker hairstyle, the mullet is enjoying a renaissance. There are some styling differences in the 2016 reincarnation: instead of a short front and sides and super-length in the back, the different lengths are more subtle and gradual.

To create and hold the style, use a texture spray such as Alterna Perfect Texture Finishing Spray on air-dried hair. Avoid heavy mousses and gels that will make your hair look stiff and immovable. This revived mullet can be a fun, more adventurous alternative to ponytails and buns when you’re growing out a short style.

Long Layers

Long hair is timeless, and layers keep it both versatile and fun to style. You could try the Rachel McAdams signature style, with shoulder-length layers and lots of volume, or the classic Angelina Jolie look, which is super-sleek but enjoys plenty of bounce. For added edge, add some side-swept bangs and get highlights that show off the layers themselves.

Pixie Cut

It’s got a sweet name but the this short haircut has been boldest, most outgoing celebs throughout history. Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Lawrence have turned heads and drawn praise with their own versions.

Many women worry that they can’t pull off a cut that short, but like most styles, the pixie can be modified to suit your features. If you look better with soft strands around your face, keep it super-short at the back and leave longer layers in the front. To keep the illusion of texture, try highlights, which add dimension to any cut.