Autumn/Winter hair colour trends

Photograph by Katie Blench on Flickr



Autumn is often a great time to change your look and as the weather gets cooler, it can be a great time to play with warmer shades in your hair colour. For 2015 we've noticed colour trends that include copper, bronde, and rich chocolate shades alongside some other key styles such as natural roots. Here we take you through a few of our favourite Autumn 2015 shades.




The recent fashion shows in New York have shown us that red hair is right on trend at the moment. Shades ranging from subtle auburn right through to intense and deep copper colours will keep you on trend, but ensure to choose the correct look for your skin type. The rusted copper colour has been seen on Rihanna and Eva Mendes in recent weeks and it perfectly complements their warm skin tones.



From Gigi Hadid to Cara Delevingne, everyone is going Bronde. The look which is a mixture of blonde, caramel  and brunette hair colours is enjoying a new wave of popularity as we head toward autumn. The warmer tones and fusion of colour created by this style fits in perfectly to the feeling of the Autumn/Winter season.



Deep Chocolate

Megan Fox, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian all look even hotter in the colder months thanks to their deep brown shades. A chocolate brown usually means level 4 -5 brown hair with red tones. Deep chocolate gives you an edgier more beautiful look this season. If you want proof just look at actresses Emillia Clarke and Lily James who both play blondes on screen but have both gone chocolate brown in real life. 



Natural Roots

Natural roots is an emerging colour trend for the season and stars such as January Jones and Jennifer Lawrence have been spotted wearing this look. It is a much cooler alternative to the similar multi tone style of Ombre which is now considered outdated. This look is much easier to maintain and simple to achieve by letting your hair grow out and adding lowlights to the roots.