4 most popular mens fade hair styles for 2016

The fade takes a unique and modern approach to men’s hairstyles. Its clever yet classy layering is a sleek and aesthetic contrast to the more rugged cuts that have been de rigueur lately. The fade adds sharpness and distinct shape to the face in ways that traditional styles do not, although it can be interpreted in a traditional sense. Either way, the increasing popularity of the fade is testament to its stylish dimensions and interesting cut. 

Below is a list of four popular fade haircut styles, each of which adds its own interpretation of the look that suits everyone from celebs to students.

The Traditionalist

This one is great if you’re new to the fade and want to take it slowly. There’s nothing sudden or extreme about the cut: the progress from the trimmed sides to the longer layers at the top of the head is attractive but understated enough to let first-timers remain within their comfort zone. The tapered shaping at the back of the head is a gradual transition, making this version of the fade compatible with a broad range of hair types and lengths.

The Lower Fade

Named after its distinctive low taper, the lower fade progresses into longer proportions at an earlier point in the haircut. This version is especially suited to those with beards and other facial hair, because it’s both clean-cut and minimalist. When styling, use matte products to add interesting texture.

The Mid-Fade

Because this style starts above the ears, the mid-fade is distinctive but easy to adapt to different styling methods. It is a particularly trendy version of the fade and serves as a nice complement to straighter, shorter hairstyles. To keep the mid-fade’s neat proportions in place, use a firm holding gel or mousse.

The High-Fade

This daring adaptation presents a striking contrast between the short, buzzed sides and long locks at the top. The high-fade is the stylemark of the adventurous soul who doesn’t mind being different. It’s especially suited for those who enjoy presenting daring interpretations of new trends.

No one can dispute that fades are ‘in’. Walk down the high street, turn on your TV, or check the latest celebrity news online and you’ll see these short-buzzed cuts on stylish gents everywhere. There’s literally a fade to match everyone’s preference: all they have to do is go to their stylist, get the cut, and then rock it.