Hair Type

Dry hair
Dry hair is a common problem caused by environmental damage and the overuse of electrical appliances. The most effective way to battle brittle locks is with moisture-enriching hair products that will leave dry hair looking and feeling silky smooth.
Treat your tresses daily with a dry hair shampoo like Joico Moisture Recovery to hydrate and moisturise the scalp. Thirsty locks also need a regular moisturising treatment. Evo Ritual Salvation Conditioner will nourish dry hair.
Rehydrate seriously damaged hair with a deep conditioning mask. AlfaParf Semi Di Lino Nutritive Mask is bona fide rescue remedy. To give your hair a daily boost, try Schwarzkopf’s Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray leave-in conditioner.
Choose from our range of treatments from leading brands and say goodbye to dry, frizzy locks.

Oily, greasy hair
Natural oil produced by your scalp is essential to keep hair looking healthy. When the scalp produces too much, you may suffer from oily or greasy hair.
Over washing with a regular shampoo can strip away essential natural oils. Using products designed to treat the condition is the best way to combat greasy hair.
Mediceuticals Solv-X Shampoo for Oily Hair will restore natural balance and keep greasy locks looking clean and healthy.
Stick to light conditioners that refresh and invigorate. Evo Bride of Gluttony is the perfect pick me up.
If both oily skin and hair is a problem, Mediceuticals TheraRx Anti Bacterial Scalp and Skin Wash kills bacteria leaving skin and locks in tip-top condition.
Enjoy grease-free days with our full range of formulated products for oily hair.

Hair thinning
Both men and women can suffer from hair loss. A change in hormones, stress levels or illness is a common cause. The good news is that there are plenty of hair thinning rescue products that can help give your locks a little extra volume.
Add strength, body and shine to thinning hair with Mediceuticals styling products , which will give your hair more definition.
Mediceuticals Folligen Shampoo for Normal Hair and Scalp will cleanse your tresses while its dermatological formula stimulates re-growth.

American Crews Trichology Range is specially developed for Men who would like their hair to be thicker

Our moisturisers, shampoos and stimulating treatments will give you a well-deserved confidence boost and leave your locks looking gorgeous.