If you feel your hair’s thickness and volume is past its prime, there’s no need to give up on your hair care routine. There are many products for thinning hair to stop your hair loss in its tracks. Such thinning hair products are available as tablets, shampoo, mousse and gel, so it’s never been easier to find the product that’s just right for you.

Mediceuticals Folligen Shampoo for Normal Hair and Scalp will cleanse tresses while its dermatological formula stimulates re-growth.

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gluttony shampoo

gluttony shampoo£8.95  -  £30.95

Vitatin Moisturising Conditioner

Vitatin Moisturising Conditioner£12.00  -  £48.95

Folligen Shampoo for Normal Hair and Scalp

Folligen Shampoo for Normal Hair and Scalp£10.75  -  £43.95

bride of gluttony conditioner

bride of gluttony conditioner£11.95  -  £29.95

3D Hair Black

3D Hair Black£13.95  -  £28.95

Dual Therapy Masque

Dual Therapy Masque£4.50  -  £61.95

Semi Di Lino Scalp Care Stimulating Elixir

Semi Di Lino Scalp Care Stimulating Elixir£12.95

Versatile Styling Foam

Versatile Styling Foam£12.95

MoistCyte Hydrating Therapy Conditioner

MoistCyte Hydrating Therapy Conditioner£15.95  -  £59.25

Saturate Moisturising Shampoo

Saturate Moisturising Shampoo£13.95  -  £43.95

Nioxin Thickening Gel

Nioxin Thickening Gel£11.95

3D Hair Dark Grey

3D Hair Dark Grey£13.95  -  £28.95

3D Hair Light Grey

3D Hair Light Grey£13.95  -  £28.95

BioClenz Antioxident Shampoo

BioClenz Antioxident Shampoo£4.50  -  £43.95

Final Finish

Final Finish£17.75  -  £52.95

Nioxin Hair System Kit 6

Nioxin Hair System Kit 6£21.95

Noixin Bodifying Foam

Noixin Bodifying Foam£13.50

Caviar Clinical Daily Detoxifying Shampoo

Caviar Clinical Daily Detoxifying Shampoo£33.50

Caviar Clinical Daily Root & Scalp Stimulator

Caviar Clinical Daily Root & Scalp Stimulator£38.00

DeFend Thermal Protection Mist 360ml

DeFend Thermal Protection Mist 360ml£19.95

DeFine Thickening Lotion

DeFine Thickening Lotion£13.50

Dimension Styling Creme

Dimension Styling Creme£17.75

Dri Hairspray

Dri Hairspray£17.95

HydroClenz Moisturising Shampoo

HydroClenz Moisturising Shampoo£4.50  -  £43.95

Nioxin 3D Styling Niospray

Nioxin 3D Styling Niospray£13.95

Nioxin Cleanser No 4

Nioxin Cleanser No 4£12.45

Nioxin Definition Creme

Nioxin Definition Creme£11.95

Nioxin Diaboost Intensive Treatment

Nioxin Diaboost Intensive Treatment£34.95

Nioxin Hair System Kit 2

Nioxin Hair System Kit 2£21.95

Nioxin Hair System Kit 4

Nioxin Hair System Kit 4£21.95

Nioxin Hair System Kit 5

Nioxin Hair System Kit 5£21.95

Nioxin Intensive Treatment

Nioxin Intensive Treatment£15.25

Nioxin Rejuvinating Elixir

Nioxin Rejuvinating Elixir£11.50

Nioxin Scalp Renew Density Protection

Nioxin Scalp Renew Density Protection£39.99

Noixin Intensive Treatment Hair Booster

Noixin Intensive Treatment Hair Booster£19.95

Semi Di Lino Scalp Care Stimulating Super Serum

Semi Di Lino Scalp Care Stimulating Super Serum£29.95

Texture Styling Gele

Texture Styling Gele£17.75


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