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Congratulations! You have been blessed with hair that’s not too greasy, dry or frizzy. Even if you are lucky enough to have normal hair you still need a good hair-care routine.

Even healthy hair can suffer if you shampoo it too often, you don’t use conditioner or you use products that have been formulated for specific conditions.

To help maintain the delicate balance of healthy hair, evo Normal Person’s Shampoo is a deep cleansing, sulphate-free treatment that will cleanse and refresh.

Heavy conditioners can leave locks looking greasy. evo Normal Persons Conditioner will add shine without leaving residue. Alterna's Bamboo Shine will give you that extra gloss for that healthy look.

Our range of treatments for normal hair will help keep your locks balanced and healthy.

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Semi Di Lino Diamond Mousse

Semi Di Lino Diamond Mousse£9.95

box o' bollox

box o' bollox£15.95  -  £19.50

Semi di Lino Diamond Gift Set

Semi di Lino Diamond Gift Set£41.85   £21.95

Semi di Lino Diamond Shampoo

Semi di Lino Diamond Shampoo£2.95  -  £29.95

Semi Di Lino Diamond Cristalli Liquidi

Semi Di Lino Diamond Cristalli Liquidi£14.95  -  £17.95

Semi Di Lino Diamond  Conditioner

Semi Di Lino Diamond Conditioner£2.95  -  £27.95

Semi di Lino Diamond Extraordinary All in 1 Fluid

Semi di Lino Diamond Extraordinary All in 1 Fluid£13.95   £12.95

Semi Di Lino Diamond Essential Oil

Semi Di Lino Diamond Essential Oil£31.90   £24.95

Semi Di Lino Diamond Cristalli Spray

Semi Di Lino Diamond Cristalli Spray£13.95   £12.95

Texturiser Professional Sea Salt Spray

Texturiser Professional Sea Salt Spray£10.95

Control Flexible Hairspray

Control Flexible Hairspray£8.95

normal person's shampoo

normal person's shampoo£8.95  -  £29.95

ritual salvation sulfate free shampoo

ritual salvation sulfate free shampoo£8.95  -  £29.95

Semi Di Lino Diamond  Mask

Semi Di Lino Diamond Mask£2.95  -  £25.95

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Hairspray

Semi Di Lino Illuminating Hairspray£9.50  -  £10.95

Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner

Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner£9.25

Rhassoul Volume Oil

Rhassoul Volume Oil£35.00

Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray

Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray£15.95

Bamboo Shine Bright Gift Set

Bamboo Shine Bright Gift Set£56.95   £35.95

Fix Hold & Shine Spray

Fix Hold & Shine Spray£11.95

Form Sculpting Lotion

Form Sculpting Lotion£11.95

Natural Power Spray

Natural Power Spray£25.50

Nioxin Hair System Kit 6

Nioxin Hair System Kit 6£21.95

normal person's conditioner

normal person's conditioner£12.95  -  £29.95

Rhassoul Oil

Rhassoul Oil£35.00

Roller Skate

Roller Skate£23.50

Silk & Shine

Silk & Shine£24.00

Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam

Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam£9.45

Bamboo Shine Brilliance Creme

Bamboo Shine Brilliance Creme£20.50

Bamboo Shine Luminous Conditioner

Bamboo Shine Luminous Conditioner£14.95

Chill Ed Lush

Chill Ed Lush£12.95

Chill Ed Lush Blonde

Chill Ed Lush Blonde£12.95

Chill Ed Matte

Chill Ed Matte£8.95

Chill Ed Resin

Chill Ed Resin£10.95

Chill Ed Shaper

Chill Ed Shaper£8.95

Chill Ed Shine

Chill Ed Shine£8.95

Chill Ed Stain Cherry

Chill Ed Stain Cherry£8.95

Chill Ed Stain Pink

Chill Ed Stain Pink£8.95

Chill Ed Stain Purple

Chill Ed Stain Purple£8.95

Chill Ed Stain Turquoise

Chill Ed Stain Turquoise£8.95

Chill Ed Stain Yellow

Chill Ed Stain Yellow£8.95

Clean and Care Duo

Clean and Care Duo£39.95

coalition for the groomed

coalition for the groomed£15.95

d:fi daily shampoo

d:fi daily shampoo£8.25

Daily Care Balancing Conditioner

Daily Care Balancing Conditioner£9.95  -  £27.95

Daily Care Balancing Shampoo

Daily Care Balancing Shampoo£9.95  -  £27.95

Elevate Volumising Lotion

Elevate Volumising Lotion£11.95

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Page 1 of 2:    74 Items