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Shaping Gum

Shaping Gum£22.00

Rhassoul Oil

Rhassoul Oil£35.00  (1)

Rhassoul Volume Oil

Rhassoul Volume Oil£35.00

Herbal Wellness Shampoo

Herbal Wellness Shampoo£18.00

Moisture Wellness Shampoo

Moisture Wellness Shampoo£16.50

Anti Aging Wellness Mask

Anti Aging Wellness Mask£36.00

Anti Aging Wellness Oil

Anti Aging Wellness Oil£29.50

Anti Aging Wellness Shampoo

Anti Aging Wellness Shampoo£34.00

Fuente Soft Ice

Fuente Soft Ice£16.50

Magic Curls

Magic Curls£23.50

Roller Skate

Roller Skate£23.50

Air Mist

Air Mist£24.00

Freezing Power Spray

Freezing Power Spray£25.50

Frosty Mousse

Frosty Mousse£27.00

Fuente Clay

Fuente Clay£26.00

Fuente Ice Cream

Fuente Ice Cream£23.50

Fuente Paste

Fuente Paste£19.00

Fuente Sculp

Fuente Sculp£19.00

Fuente Truffle Shampoo

Fuente Truffle Shampoo£137.95

Fuente Wax

Fuente Wax£16.50

Herbal Scalp Treatment

Herbal Scalp Treatment£21.50

M&P Conditioning Care

M&P Conditioning Care£19.50

M&P Treatment

M&P Treatment£25.50

Natural Power Spray

Natural Power Spray£25.50

Protein Wellness Shampoo

Protein Wellness Shampoo£16.50

Rhassoul Mousse Shampoo

Rhassoul Mousse Shampoo£31.95

Silk & Shine

Silk & Shine£24.00

Truffle Shampoo And Conditioner

Truffle Shampoo And Conditioner£275.00


Page 1 of 1:    28 Items

Fuente, Glamourous by Nature, uses only the best and purest organic natural ingredients to create the range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Not only are the products NOT tested on animals, but they use recyclable PET plastics and are biologically degradable. This concept makes it highly desirable for the vegan community, as it embodies the natural concept. 

Using wheat proteins. and soya beans oil and a selection of the finest herbs, moisture, protein or both are infused into the hair, leaving it silky, healthy and beautiful. 

By checking the elastictity of the hair, you can choose the shampoo which is most suitable. Take a few strands of hair and gently tug, if there is no stretch to the hair, then its needs the Moisture Wellness range. If the hair stretches, but does not spring back, then the Protein Wellness will enrich your hair and give it back it's body.  If your hair has breakage, then it's in need of both protein and moisture and you will benefit from the Anti-aging Wellness Shampoo, which contains moisture and protein.