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Sulfate Free Cleansers and Shampoo


Getting great, healthy hair with the best sulfate free shampoo is now easier than ever. From our wide variety of professional hair cleansers there is a one specially for your hair type. Whether you hair is coloured or bleached, normal or greasy, thick or fine or simply virgin there will be a perfect shampoo for you. 

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is added to shampoo to help to the shampoo "foam" or lather. It makes you think that it's more luxurious or is cleaning your hair better, but it's simply not a necessary ingredient. Sulfate free shampoo clean just as well, but just don't have lots of lather.   

One of the most popular hair treatments at the moment is the Brazilian Blo-dry. Otherwise known as keratin treatment. This treatment adds keratin proteins to your hair, creating perfectly smooth hair and ending the nightmare of frizzy hair, especially in humid atmospheres. We have a great range of keratin infused cleansers that help maintain your hair treatment for longer but any sulfate free cleanser can be used, as the sodium sulfate is the culprit in stripping the hair of the keratin proteins. So you may want to choose a product that is better suited to YOUR hair type, i.e. fine or thick, normal or damaged. Or you just might like one in your favourite brand !

So choose from our range of professional sulphate free shampoo and feel great about yourself.... Prices from £2.95

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Kerastraight Moisture Enhance Shampoo

Kerastraight Moisture Enhance Shampoo£14.75  -  £27.50  (6)

evo buddies 500ml duos

evo buddies 500ml duos£29.95  (1)

Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Shampoo

Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Shampoo£2.95  -  £27.95  (4)

Semi di Lino Volume Shampoo

Semi di Lino Volume Shampoo£2.95  -  £29.75

Semi di Lino Reconstruction Shampoo

Semi di Lino Reconstruction Shampoo£2.95  -  £27.75  (8)

Grey Pride Shampoo

Grey Pride Shampoo£12.95

Precious Nature Shampoo with Almond And Pistachio

Precious Nature Shampoo with Almond And Pistachio£2.50  -  £28.95

Precious Nature Shampoo with Prickly Pear and Orange

Precious Nature Shampoo with Prickly Pear and Orange£2.50  -  £28.95  (2)

Blonde Ambition Shampoo

Blonde Ambition Shampoo£12.95

Caviar Volume Trio

Caviar Volume Trio£10.95  (1)

gluttony shampoo

gluttony shampoo£12.75  -  £30.95

the therapist calming shampoo

the therapist calming shampoo£12.75  -  £29.95  (2)

Bamboo Shine Bright Gift Set

Bamboo Shine Bright Gift Set£56.95   £35.95

Caviar Moisture Duo

Caviar Moisture Duo£56.00   £36.95

Curl Cleansing Shampoo

Curl Cleansing Shampoo£2.75  -  £32.95

Herbal Wellness Shampoo

Herbal Wellness Shampoo£18.00

Moisture Wellness Shampoo

Moisture Wellness Shampoo£16.50

normal person's shampoo

normal person's shampoo£11.95  -  £29.95  (2)

ritual salvation sulfate free shampoo

ritual salvation sulfate free shampoo£12.75  -  £29.95

Semi Di Lino Discipline Frizz Control Shampoo

Semi Di Lino Discipline Frizz Control Shampoo£9.75  -  £27.75  (1)

Anti Aging Wellness Shampoo

Anti Aging Wellness Shampoo£34.00

Caviar Volume Duos

Caviar Volume Duos£35.95

Kerastraight Volume Enhance Shampoo

Kerastraight Volume Enhance Shampoo£14.75  -  £27.50  (2)

Semi Di Lino Energising Scalp Care Kit

Semi Di Lino Energising Scalp Care Kit£29.95  (2)

Precious Nature Berries & Apple Shampoo

Precious Nature Berries & Apple Shampoo£9.95  -  £38.95

Amplify Volumising Shampoo

Amplify Volumising Shampoo£12.95

Bamboo Colour Hold Vibrant Shampoo

Bamboo Colour Hold Vibrant Shampoo£16.75   £17.00  (1)

Bamboo Shine Luminous Shampoo

Bamboo Shine Luminous Shampoo£14.95

Bamboo Smooth Blowout

Bamboo Smooth Blowout£42.95

Bamboo Volume  Shampoo

Bamboo Volume Shampoo£17.00   £13.25

Body and Soul Duo

Body and Soul Duo£36.95

Caviar Anti-Aging Volume Shampoo

Caviar Anti-Aging Volume Shampoo£27.00   £21.95

Caviar Repair Duo

Caviar Repair Duo£43.95

Clean and Care Duo

Clean and Care Duo£39.95

Cleanse and Treat Duo

Cleanse and Treat Duo£49.95   £39.00

Curl Creme Wash

Curl Creme Wash£9.95

evo beauty is skin deep

evo beauty is skin deep£21.95

Evo Tree Hanger Control Geek

Evo Tree Hanger Control Geek£6.95

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