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box o' bollox

box o' bollox£15.95  -  £19.50  (11)

evo buddies 500ml duos

evo buddies 500ml duos£29.95  (1)

haze styling powder

haze styling powder£14.95  (3)

ritual salvation conditioner

ritual salvation conditioner£12.95  -  £29.95

crop strutters construction cream

crop strutters construction cream£15.95  (4)

mane prescription protein treatment

mane prescription protein treatment£13.95  -  £48.95

shape vixen body giving juice

shape vixen body giving juice£12.95  (2)

the great hydrator moisture mask

the great hydrator moisture mask£12.95  -  £45.95  (1)

the therapist calming conditioner

the therapist calming conditioner£12.95  -  £29.95  (2)

winners face balm

winners face balm£13.95

gluttony shampoo

gluttony shampoo£12.75  -  £29.95

liquid rollers curl balm

liquid rollers curl balm£14.50  (2)

the therapist calming shampoo

the therapist calming shampoo£12.75  -  £29.95  (2)

end doctor smoothing sealant

end doctor smoothing sealant£16.95

love perpetua shine drops

love perpetua shine drops£17.95

love touch shine spray

love touch shine spray£19.10   £18.95  (1)

mister fantastic texture spray

mister fantastic texture spray£13.95  (3)

normal person's shampoo

normal person's shampoo£11.95  -  £29.95  (2)

ritual salvation sulfate free shampoo

ritual salvation sulfate free shampoo£12.75  -  £29.95

shebang-a-bang dry spray wax

shebang-a-bang dry spray wax£17.95  (1)

whip it good styling mousse

whip it good styling mousse£13.95

bride of gluttony conditioner

bride of gluttony conditioner£12.95  -  £29.95  (1)

day of grace leave-in conditioner

day of grace leave-in conditioner£14.25   £12.95


helmut£5.95  -  £17.95

icon welder hot tool shaper

icon welder hot tool shaper£15.10   £12.95

cake cleanser of pores

cake cleanser of pores£12.95

cassius cushy clay

cassius cushy clay£17.50

casual act moulding paste

casual act moulding paste£19.95   £15.95

coalition for the groomed

coalition for the groomed£15.95

easy tiger smoothing fluid

easy tiger smoothing fluid£13.95

evo beauty is skin deep

evo beauty is skin deep£21.95

Evo gift set

Evo gift set£22.95

Evo Tree Hanger Control Geek

Evo Tree Hanger Control Geek£6.95

Evo Tree Hanger You Do Dew

Evo Tree Hanger You Do Dew£6.95

fabuloso caramel

fabuloso caramel£23.00   £20.95

fabuloso chestnut

fabuloso chestnut£23.00   £20.95

fabuloso copper

fabuloso copper£23.00   £20.95

fabuloso light beige

fabuloso light beige£23.00   £20.95

fabuloso mahogany

fabuloso mahogany£23.00   £20.95  (1)

fabuloso platinum blonde

fabuloso platinum blonde£23.00   £20.95

fabuloso purple red

fabuloso purple red£23.00   £20.95

normal person's conditioner

normal person's conditioner£12.95  -  £29.95

root canal base support spray

root canal base support spray£12.95  (4)

salty dog

salty dog£12.95  (2)

self indulgence body creme

self indulgence body creme£12.95

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Page 1 of 2:    52 Items

Great Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatments & Styling Products from Evo

Evo hair care products combine great shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products with a healthy dose of Australian humour. These products don't let you take life too seriously, with fabulous product names like "Box O' Bollox" and "Crop Strutters". The ranges are simple "Care, Calm, Volume and Normal Person's. The Care range for dry and damaged hair includes Ritual Salvation shampoo, conditioner and treatments. Volume does what it says on the tin and gives fine and limp hair body, with the Gluttony and Bride of gluttony shampoo and conditioner. Calm smooths down frizzy hair to let your life run smoothly again. And finally....Style has shampoo, conditioner and styling products to help you live your life to the full.

We can't discuss Evo without going into more depth about Evo Box O'Bollox.

Evo Box O'Bollox provides you with an ultra firm hold for styles that stay in place around the clock, the Evo Box O' Bollox Life Texture Paste bulks up your hair with dry texture, creating the appearance of fuller, thicker hair with an incredible matte finish. You will still maintain a natural look with defined and shaped hair that lasts longer.

The paste covers every hair follicle and fills up the follicular cracks making the hairs smooth and frizz free. Hair pastes are an ideal hair care product for people who spend most of their time outdoors. Using a decent product that suits your hair type can drastically reduce your overall time for hair care and it can work as one stop solution for hair issues.

Advantages of Using Evo Box O'Bollox

Ensuring that the hair serum is formulated for your particular hair type and meets with your hair needs is also vital. Below are the main advantages of using Evo Box O'Bollox.

- Makes hair soft, lustrous and easily manageable.
- Makes hairs stronger hence reducing the chance of breakage.
- Seals in the moisture in hair shafts and prevents hair breakage due to dryness.
- Protective cover against heat, sun's rays, dirt, grime and pollutants.

A healthy dose of Evo Box O' Bollox on your hair and you are sure to receive compliments for those gorgeous locks especially short textured haircuts even though it is suitable for all hair types. It is important that you know your hair type and exactly what you want before purchasing a paste. Read our reviews on different products and buy one that is formulated to suit your particular hair needs. At Merritts for Hair we have something for everyone! When it comes to hair paste using the right product such as Evo Box O’Bollox is vital.

Remember to keep using the product for better results. Using ideal hair paste will leave your hair looking and feeling healthy. It will boost your confidence and make you the talk of the town. Your locks will be the center of attention wherever you go.