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Alfaparf Precious Nature Berries and Apple Infusion
£27.95   £22.95
Alfaparf Precious Nature Grape and Lavender Oil
Alfaparf Precious Nature Prickly Pear and Orange Oil
Alfaparf Precious Nature Fig and Walnut Double Cream
Alfaparf Precious Nature Almond and Pistachio Mask
£2.50  -  £24.75
£2.95  -  £22.95
Alfaparf Precious Nature Berries and Apple Mask
£10.95  -  £24.95
Alfaparf Precious Nature Fig and Walnut Cleansing Conditioner
£9.95  -  £29.95
Alfaparf Precious Nature Almond & Pistachio Shampoo
£2.50  -  £22.95
Alfaparf Precious Nature Berries & Apple Shampoo
£8.95  -  £32.95
Alfaparf Precious Nature Fig and Walnut Shampoo
Alfaparf Precious Nature Mask with Grape and Lavender
£2.50  -  £24.75
Alfaparf Precious Nature Prickly Pear and Orange Shampoo
£2.50  -  £26.95
Alfaparf Precious Nature Shampoo with Grape and Lavender
£2.50  -  £26.95
Alfaparf Precious Nature Leave-In Spray With Almond and Pistachio
£2.95  -  £10.95

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Alfaparf Precious Nature

Maintain Luscious Locks & Long Curly Hair with Alfaparf Precious Nature

Never underestimate the importance of quality hair care and the difference it can make to the health and appearance of your hair. It's not easy to maintain luscious locks and long curly hair and when it comes to buying conditioner and shampoo, it can be easy to just pop the nearest one in your basket while doing your weekly shopping. The one collection of hair care products that we love to endorse at Merritts for Hair is Alfaparf Precious Nature.

Precious Nature Hair Products

Using 100% natural ingredients from Italy's famous regions, the Precious Nature range allows you to create your own menus from the three specialities:

For coloured hair, we recommend the almond and pistachio shampoo, mask and precious nature hair oils from Sicily, which help to prevent colour fade.

For those with curly/wavy hair or fine hair, a blend of Grape and Lavender from the Tuscany helps to control and add definition.

Prickly Pear and Orange from Capri are on today's menu for Long and Straight Hair.

A little more info on the Alfaparf Precious Nature products:

Precious Nature Leave-in Spray

Enriched with almond oil and pistachio essence, this spray helps prevent fading of coloured hair. It is lightweight, non-greasy and non-sticky and absorbs easily into your hair. Apply a few sprays on your hair to achieve great results.

Precious Nature Mask

The Precious Nature hair mask also contains pistachio and almond ingredients. Though it is essentially a conditioner, it's heavier in consistency than an intensive strengthening treatment of coloured hair. The Precious Nature mask helps in keeping your hair colour looking vibrant also adding shine. Apply to the ends and lengths of your unwashed hair, tie it up and leave it in, then wash normally. This way it achieves a deeper level of conditioning and softness to your hair. We recommend you always read the manufacturer's direction for use.

Precious Nature Shampoo

Alfaparf developed this shampoo with an aim of producing shine and retaining the rich tone in your hair. Pistachio essence is used as an ingredient because of its anti-oxidant properties and almond oil help in keeping your hair looking and feeling smooth and silky. It does not create any product build-up and it's not heavy on the hair, simply lather up and rinse out.

Alfaparf Precious Nature products have positive experiences to the users because of the inclusion of pistachio and almond essence. We recommend you purchase the leave-in spray and hair mask, though they are somewhat seasonal products they are essential products to have.

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Merritts for Hair
I have used this for years.

The bottle lasts for ages. I was afraid that with the new packaging it would be a different product but its the exact same. So happy with my purchase, was delivered so quicky and was packaged well to protect the glass bottle.
Precious Nature product review.
5 / 5

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