How to keep beautiful red head colour for longer

Photograph by nicolecolecole


If you're a long term redhead or your just trying out the look with a dye for the first time, we have all the best tips and product reviews to help you keep your beautiful red shade from fading too fast.


There are more than a few glamorous redheads around Hollywood these days including Christina Hendrick's and Lindsay Lohan with a hot new redhead look.


While it might be ok for these stars to frequently visit a hair colourist and pay for maintaining their colour, it is something that can quickly break the bank for us mere mortals.


One way to save costs is to try and help your colour last longer.



Cool water washing


Washing your redhead locks in cooler water is one way to protect the colour and prevent washing out the dye pigments. In winter this is more or a challenge but the water doesn't need to be cold but it shouldn't be hot either.


Avoid Chlorine

If you swim regularly or even when your on holiday, the chlorine you will come into contact with is a big no-no for keeping your red colour. So if you need to swim ensure your hair stays out of the water.



                Leave In Conditioner

We mentioned this on our earlier feature on keeping your blonde hair colour for longer and the same applies for redheads here. Use a spray leave-In conditioner. They are designed to seal and protect your hair and will help to lock in the colour. As an added bonus they also deliver fantastic shine so your hair will look gorgeous. We recommend the lightweight Semi Di Lino Moisture leave-in conditioner from Alfaparf because it moisturises and nourishes your hair, without leaving it heavy and limp. If your hair has already faded you could try Chill Ed Red Shampoo in between your next dye to enrich faded red hair and protect colour.



Fabuloso by evo has great coloured conditioners for all tones of red. In shades of Copper, Purple Red and the more subtle Mahogany, these great conditioners can be either used to maintain your colour or be left on for up to 15 minutes for  a more intense colour change.



               Do Less Blowdrying

Of course if your having a bad hair day with frizzy hair then you may need to blow dry. The key is to try and keep it to a minimum and keep the heat as low as possible. Running hot air on your hair daily is a sure way to quickly fade your red hair colour.