Hairstyle tips to make you look younger

Tuesday, 4 August 2015  |  Admin

With estimates that changing to certain hair styles could take between 5-10 years off the age of your face, it's well worth considering a new cut that doesn't age you but instead gives a more youthful appearance.

The difference between the hair shape, parting, fringe styling and highlight colours can all have a huge effect on how old you look.

We give a run down of the mistakes to avoid and styles you can try in order to look younger.


Avoid to much length

Ultra long hair is best left to younger women and becomes a much harder look to pull off for those over 40. The style tends to make you look like a teenager from the back but has an ageing effect from the front. A more flattering length is a shoulder length cut with layers. This style has the added benefit of disguising an ageing neck further enhancing your youthful appearance. 


The 10 year old cut

It's easy to get comfortable with a particular style and go back to it time after time. The problem is if your still sporting a style from over a decade ago it's likely to have become dated. Just as clothing fashion moves on so does hair styling. It may be something simple such as keeping the same length but using different parting, layering, shades and highlights that can bring you look up to date and take years off you.


Try a fringe

The correct type of fringe can be one of your best anti-ageing friends. A side swept fringe with a softer look and feel works better for instance than a sharper blunt fringe because it can help to mask forehead lines without emphasising ageing features.

Try adding layers that blend with your hair to add further softness and make your features look youthful.  


Add more volume

Your hair can become thinner as you get older which can age you. To make thinner hair look its best you should opt for mid-length or shorter styles with a layered look. Choosing the right products can help you achieve volume which will also help you look younger. Consider adding highlights and lowlights for greater dimension and thicker looking locks.



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