Shampoo for all hair types

When it comes to hair care, many take shampoo for granted, but using a brand favoured by professional salon stylists can mean the difference between your hair looking dull, limp and lifeless, or shiny, smooth and full of volume.

A shampoo will remove the oil, skin particles, dirt and pollutants from your hair, but a premium brand such as Evo, Alterna or Joico can do so without removing your hair’s essential oils and leaving it unmanageable.

The sleek, ‘just stepped out of a salon look’ is available to everyone, regardless of their hair type. If your hair is fine and without body, leaving it looking lifeless and dull, then a product like a shampoo from Alterna will give it a much needed boost, leaving it thicker than ever. Your hair may feel too coarse and dry, leaving it difficult to style; Matrix has products that use silk amino acids to smooth your hair and make it manageable.

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KeraStraight Maintain Shampoo

KeraStraight Maintain Shampoo£14.75  -  £27.95  (17)

Semi di Lino Reconstruction Shampoo

Semi di Lino Reconstruction Shampoo£2.95  -  £27.75  (1)

Semi di Lino Diamond Shampoo

Semi di Lino Diamond Shampoo£2.95  -  £29.95  (1)

Precious Oil Shampoo

Precious Oil Shampoo£9.75  -  £27.95  (2)

Saturate Moisturising Shampoo

Saturate Moisturising Shampoo£13.95  -  £44.95

Alterna Bamboo Volume Travel Set

Alterna Bamboo Volume Travel Set£28.00   £16.95

evo gluttony shampoo

evo gluttony shampoo£12.50  -  £27.95

Folligen Shampoo for Normal Hair and Scalp

Folligen Shampoo for Normal Hair and Scalp£13.95  -  £44.95

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo£27.00   £23.95

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Volume Shampoo

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Volume Shampoo£27.00   £22.95

Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Shampoo

Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Shampoo£2.95  -  £27.95  (2)

evo normal person's shampoo

evo normal person's shampoo£11.95  -  £28.95  (2)

Evo Ritual Salvation Sulfate Free Shampoo

Evo Ritual Salvation Sulfate Free Shampoo£11.95  -  £27.95

evo the therapist calming shampoo

evo the therapist calming shampoo£11.95  -  £27.95  (1)

Joico K-Pak Shampoo

Joico K-Pak Shampoo£2.75  -  £24.95

K-Pak At-Home Repair System

K-Pak At-Home Repair System£19.95   £16.95

Keratin Revolution Moisturising Shampoo

Keratin Revolution Moisturising Shampoo£10.95  (1)

Mediceuticals X-Folate Shampoo

Mediceuticals X-Folate Shampoo£15.95  -  £46.95  (1)

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Freeze Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Freeze Shampoo£9.25  -  £17.95

Semi Di Lino Discipline Frizz Control Shampoo

Semi Di Lino Discipline Frizz Control Shampoo£2.95  -  £27.75

Semi di Lino Moisture Gift Set

Semi di Lino Moisture Gift Set£41.85   £19.95  (1)

Semi Di Lino Scalp Care Energising Shampoo

Semi Di Lino Scalp Care Energising Shampoo£9.95  -  £27.95

Semi di Lino Volume Shampoo

Semi di Lino Volume Shampoo£2.95  -  £29.75

Alterna 10 Shampoo

Alterna 10 Shampoo£49.95   £34.95

Alterna Bamboo Mens Duo

Alterna Bamboo Mens Duo£23.95

Alterna Bamboo Shine Luminous Shampoo

Alterna Bamboo Shine Luminous Shampoo£16.75   £14.25

Alterna Bamboo Shine Travel Set

Alterna Bamboo Shine Travel Set£26.95   £19.95

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Travel Set

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Travel Set£27.95   £16.95

Alterna Bamboo UV+ Vibrant Shampoo

Alterna Bamboo UV+ Vibrant Shampoo£16.75   £14.25  (1)

Alterna Bamboo Volume  Shampoo

Alterna Bamboo Volume Shampoo£17.00   £14.25

Alterna Bamboo Volume Trio

Alterna Bamboo Volume Trio£58.00   £32.95

Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo

Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo£16.75   £14.25

Chill Ed Blonde Shampoo

Chill Ed Blonde Shampoo£8.95

Chill Ed Red Shampoo

Chill Ed Red Shampoo£8.95

evo follicles unite

evo follicles unite£44.40   £27.95

Indulgence Refined

Indulgence Refined£21.95

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